How FLVorful Works


  1. Give us some details about your ad Tell us where it’s located and the URL of your landing page to direct users.
  2. Help us target your ad Just select one or more categories and relevant keywords to help us target the right flash content for you.
  3. Set your price You set a max CPM or CPV and daily budget.
  4. Monitor your campaign Our reports tell you how many times your ads played, the number of clicks it generated and how much it costs. You can even see which video or game it was played on and how many times it played.
  5. Add new ads easily Just click on "Duplicate" to copy your ads quickly and change relevant information. Or you can use our API and never touch our admin section.
  6. Update the status at any time If you need to stop running an ad, just change the status and it will get pulled from rotation immediately.


  1. Tell us what games or videos you have available Register now and click on the Publisher tab above to see what info we’ll need.
  2. Target your advertisers Tell us what categories you fit, what keywords you like and what kind of advertising you would like to display (sponsored or commercials) and we will direct the right advertisers to you.
  3. Set your rate Tell us your minimum CPM or CPV.
  4. We put a very small amount of non-intrusive code on your site It’s even smaller than the amount of code used for Google ads.
  5. Sit back and collect cash